Minority and Indigenous Women Instructors’ Network

MIWIN developed in 2004 in response to a group of minority and Indigenous women faculty who wanted a space to talk about issues they were facing in their classrooms and departments.

We decided to begin by organizing consultations with minority and Indigenous women to understand their needs and create a network of support.

We received funding from a Learning and Teaching Centre grant to undertake a project with the following concrete objectives:

  • To organize a network to support minority and Indigenous women instructors who teach critical, feminist, anti-racist and anti-homophobic knowledge and skills;
  • To organize a series of workshops, meetings and other events based on input from network meetings;
  • To research published resources concerning issues related to minority and Indigenous teaching of critical content in higher education and make these resources available on a website;
  • To organize a retreat to share experiences;
  • To solicit, collect and publish an anthology of case studies and lessons;
  • To make recommendations to the LTC for professional development programs that would support minority and Indigenous women’s learning and teaching needs.

To date, we have created a network, a bibliographic reference source through the library’s REFWORKS, and organized a series of workshops through the LTC.

We work closely with the Academic Women’s Caucus and other equity initiatives on campus.

MIWIN holds one regular meeting in the fall and spring terms. We meet informally throughout the year and offer support to one another. We invite any new faculty and instructors to join our activities. If you would like more information, contact Maxine Matilpi or Jin-Sun Yoon.

MIWIN Refworks Bibliography
– Please contact Maxine or Jin-Sun at the above address for the password.


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