Care of Dependents

During the 2007-2008 year the Caucus devoted considerable energy to dealing with issues related to dependent care, primarily but not exclusively issues related to childcare, and work/family balance.

Many academic women find dealing with work/family balance to be very difficult, either in relation to childcare, eldercare, and sometimes, for the so-called “sandwich generation”, both.

In ‘Related Events and Discussions’  you will find the report on the forum on work/family balance held in January of 2008, which discusses work/family balance, childcare and eldercare and includes a number of references on this topic. You will also find a report on some possible solutions the very real problems of UVic daycare. Currently the waitlist is two years or more to get into the daycare. This is not acceptable, and the report presents some solutions. The report also includes a discussion of efforts the administration has recently undertaken which will hopefully start to increase childcare spaces on campus.

If you would like to get involved in efforts to increase the number of daycare spaces on campus, please Contact Us.


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